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Our Career Pathways provide our students to access Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, career exploration activities, leadership skills, student internships and college planning tools.

Rowland USD students take industry relevant courses connecting academics to real-world technical training.  By offering high quality instruction, standards aligned curriculum, and relevant learning experiences, our goals is for each student to be prepared in choosing careers and post-secondary education options. 

Rowland USD students have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion in additional to earning their High School Diploma at Graduation. 

The Career Pathway Programs at Rowland Unified School District show students a direct connection between doing well in high school and being able to transition smoothly to post-secondary opportunities or getting a good job after they graduate.


Students who focus on a Career Pathway acquire the skills necessary for entry into well-paid careers with high potential for rapid financial growth, increased levels of responsibilities, and a high degree of personal satisfaction.  


The Career Pathway Program provide students a context for exploring career options and connecting learning to the skills and knowledge needed for future education and employment.



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