Research Project

As part of the Career Certification program, students design and complete and present a project that demonstrates advanced knowledge related to their area of specialization.

Project IdeasTop of Page

The Senior Seminar Research Project gives students the opportunity to investigate a unique problem and/or pursue individual interests; to display essential knowledge and achievement; and to demonstrate an integration and culmination of skills acquired during their career pathway experience.  

Listed below are some project ideas for you to consider when choosing a topic related to your career pathway:
  • Bailey's Steak House - A new idea for a steakhouse specifically intended for fine dining.
    •  Research:
      •  How health can a steak house be?
      •  What types of meats are healthy/
      •  What are average income rates for employees?
      •  What should the target age group be for customers?
      •  Researched ways to improve marketing to a health conscientious generation.
    • Project:  
      • Designed a steak house restaurant.
      • Created a menu with grocery costing and sales pricing.
      • Used CAD to 3D print the restaurant blueprint.
  • Are School Lunches Winning Students Over? - a research study of the lunch program at a local high school.
    • Research:
      • State and federal legislation regarding nutrition.
      • Standards and regulations of the National School Lunch Program.
      • School lunch menus and their nutritional values that are being served on campus.
    • Project:
      • Surveyed students to find out which food is most liked and disliked.
      • Compared nutritional values of those foods.
      • Created charts and graph to show overall results of the study.
      • Provided conclusions and suggestions on how to improve the school lunch program.
  • Vaccine Education for Our Generation - a study of Nogales Students
    • Research:
      • Vaccination Laws.
      • School and district services that help students get the vaccines they need.
      • Diseases prevented by vaccinations.
      • The medical problems caused by diseases, which can be prevented by vaccines.
    • Project:
      • Created a powerpoint presentation that demonstrates the effects of the diseases that can be prevented by vaccines.
      • Gave presentation to several classes.
      • Surveyed students after the presentation to find out of their attitudes about vaccinations changed after they saw the presented.
      • Provided conclusions and suggestions on the need to better inform students about vaccinations.  

Research Project RequirementsTop of Page

  • 3 to 5 pages, double-spaced
  • Minimum of 5 sources
  • Works Cited page
Research papers are evaluated on the following criteria:
  • Introduction
  • Organization
  • Paragraph structure
  • Research
  • Proving of thesis
  • Writing style
  • Conventions
  • Works cited page format
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