RUSD Career Pathways

RUSD requirement for graduation includes twenty (20) elective credits of the student's choice must be chosen within a single Career Pathway.
  • It is required that students select courses at the introductory and advanced levels within the same Pathway, e.g., Introductory Automotive and Automotive 2 or ROP Auto Repair and Tune-Up. Students shall identify their selected Career Pathway no later than the beginning of their Sophomore Year. Certification Programs/Career Pathways include Arts and Communications, Business, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health and Medical Services, Public and Human Services, and Technology.
  • Only those courses that receive elective credit within a Pathway will count toward meeting this requirement.
  • Courses that meet the academic core graduation requirement and are part of the Pathway do not meet this requirement.
RUSD offers pathways in 8 of the 15 industry sectors.  For career pathway elective courses, please click the appropriate link.
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