Design, Visual and Media Arts Career Pathway

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The Design, Visual and Media Arts pathway includes those occupations that use visual art, digital media, and Web-based tools and materials as the primary means of communication and expression. In addition to an understanding of current workplace practice, this career pathway requires the development of knowledge and skills in both visual art concepts as well as new and emerging digital processes by which individuals are able to create and communicate complex concepts in a broad range of occupations and professions.
Sample occupations associated with this pathway:
  • Advertising Writer
  • Animator
  • Architect
  • Camera Operator
  • Commercial Artist
  • Costume Designer
  • Editor
  • Grip
  • Independent Filmmaker
  • Newscaster
  • Photographer
  • Radio DJ
  • Screenwriter
  • Studio Artist
  • Teacher
  • TV/Movie Director
  • TV/Movie Producer
  • TV Writer/Journalist
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