Arts, Media & Entertainment Electives

Students selecting to focus in the Arts, Media & Entertainment Career Pathway must select two (1) Core Course and (3) Advanced Courses from the following electives currently offered:

Performing Arts

Core Courses (1 year)
Concert Choir+
 Marching Band+
 Theatre, Beginning+
Advanced Courses
Acapella Choir
Band, Beginning+
Chamber Singers+
Concert Choir+
Construction Tech 2 (Set Design Emphasis)
Drill Team/Color Guard
Jazz Band+
Marching Band+
Music HL 1st Yr+
Music HL 2nd Yr+
Music, IB SL+
Nogales Singers+
Percussion Ensemble+
Theater Arts/HL1+
Theatre Arts/HL2+
Theatre, Advanced+
Theatre, Beginning+
Theatre, Intermediate+
Theatre, Special Projects
Treble Singers+
Vocal Ensemble (Silhouette)+
Wind Ensemble I+
Wind Ensemble II+
+UC/CSU A-G Approved Courses
ROP Courses
Commercial Photography*
Digital Animation*
Digital Graphics Design 2
Video Production I/II

Design, Visual & Media Arts

Core Courses
Photo Media I+
Elective Courses
Architecture & Design+
 Architecture & Design, Advanced+
Art, Advanced+
Art, Special Projects
Ceramics II+
IB Film HL
IB Theatre Arts SL+
IB Visual Arts (SL)+
IB Visual Arts I/II (HL)+
Photo Media I+
Photo Media II+
Photo Special Projects
+UC/CSU A-G Approved Courses
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