Career Certification Programs

The Rowland Unified School District Career Certification Program provides students the opportunity to earn a Certification of Completion in a career pathway in addition to earning their high school diploma at graduation.

Students develop professional and personal skills preparing them for employment  and higher education.
There are 15 Career Pathways offered in the Career Certification Program:

Arts, Media &  Entertainment

•  Design, Visual and Media Arts Career Pathway
•  Performing Arts Career Pathway


Building Construction Trades

  • Building & Construction Trades Career Pathway


Business & Finance

     •  Financial Services Career Pathway


Education, Child Development & Family Services

•  Child Development Career Pathway
•  Education Career Pathway


Engineering & Architecture

   •  Engineering & Architecture Career Pathway

Health Science & Medical TechnologyTop of Page

    •  Patient Care Career Pathway
    •  Bio-Technology Career Pathway


Hospitality, Tourism & RecreationTop of Page

 •  Food Science & Nutrition Career Pathway
 •  Food Service & Hospitality Career Pathway

Information & Communication TechnologiesTop of Page

•  Computer Science Career Pathway

Marketing, Sales & ServicesTop of Page

  • Marketing, Sales & Services Career Pathway

Public ServicesTop of Page

      •  Public Safety Career Pathway

TransportationTop of Page

     •  Transportation Diagnostics & Repair Career Pathway

Program RequirementsTop of Page

Students commit to completing the following requirements:

  • Complete the pathway sequences of courses
  • Earn a "B" average (80%) in the core courses
  • Earn a "B" or better grades in advanced courses
  • Earn a "B" or better in Senior Seminar
  • Earn proficient evaluations from Professionals

Senior SeminarTop of Page

Senior Seminar brings together the knowledge and skills students have learned throughout the Career Certification Programs.  

Click here to learn more about the Senior Seminar

Career Certification Mission & GoalsTop of Page

​The Mission of Rowland Unified School District is to inspire and educate individuals to realize their dreams and fulfill their responsibilities to society. The Career Certification Program aligns with the District mission by providing an opportunity for students to apply their high school learning to a broad-based career goal, using contextual learning experiences to connect academic studies with future career goals.

The goals of the Certification Program include:

  • Developing the students sense of professionalism in their work, presentation and appearance.
  • Developing the students transferable job skills that will benefit them in any career choice.
  • Connecting students with industry partners to experience the work world outside of school.
  • Assisting students to better define their career goals.
  • Understanding the importance of life-long learning regardless of their career choice.
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