Finance and Marketing Career Certification Program

Persons trained in fields in business and finance will find that their skills are highly marketable. Students will master basic business principles and procedures before proceeding to the career path specializations. The specializations emphasize concepts of accounting and finance, including computer applications, taxes, investments, and asset management as well as pathways in international business and business management. Because almost every business and organization has a financial and management component, students will find that opportunities exist in many career paths in addition to those in business and finance.
Marketing includes the processes and techniques of identifying, promoting, and transferring products or services to consumers and is a function of almost every business. It exists within an environment of rapidly changing technology, interdependent nations and economies, and increasing demands for ethical and social responsibility.
Career Pathways Offered in Finance and Marketing Career Certification Program
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing, Sales and Services
Sequence of Courses
Here are the Sequence of Courses offered in the Finance and Marketing Career Certification Program.
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